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Bulk order healthy food in delhi ncr
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* We use olive oil for food preparation.
* We accept bulk orders 2-3 days in advance.
* Free delivery upto 2 kms from EastPatel Nagar market.
* Currently we deliver only upto
6 Km from Patel Nagar.
* For Delhi-NCR we take only
Bulk Orders (30+ Boxes).
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Online delivery food in Patel Nagar

We are one of the best home delivery restaurants in Patel Nagar for the widest variety of food. You can get wide variety of food such as Burgers (veg and non-veg), Biryani (veg and non-veg), Thali (veg and non-veg), Pastas, Sandwiches and lot more. You can also order for fresh salads. In addition to it, we also have few Vada Pav, Pav Bhaji, Dabeli and various other dishes from Mumbai and Gujarat.

Delivery Restaurants in Patel Nagar

Patel Nagar is the most preferred place to live in Delhi. Lot of people comes to Delhi every day in search of jobs and to attain higher education. This city is full of opportunities.

There are various places in Delhi where immigrants prefer to live. Patel Nagar is also one of them. This place comes under West Delhi. And, Patel Nagar itself is divided in three colonies: South Patel Nagar, West Patel Nagar and East Patel Nagar. This area is occupied with a quite a good number of educational and training institutes as well as private and government organizations.

There are so many people who actually belong to various parts of country and have come here to pursue studies or to get some job. These people often face a problem of getting a good and hygienic food to eat. There are so many food joints in Patel Nagar, but most of them serve highly oily and unhygienic food. On top of that, they charge more. It is very important that the food you eat is fresh and properly cooked. If the food is not cooked properly it will cause digestion problems and will compel you to pay the medical bills. And, we all know that health is wealth.

So, here we are, with a great and affordable solution to this problem of yours. We are "". While we are at your service, you need not to worry about your food and daily menus. We ensure that you get healthy and hygienic food at your doorstep and that too on the time. All you need to do is to just visit our website for online delivery food in Patel Nagar. Your health is our prime concern. We prepare variety of dishes ensuring that they taste good and are low in calories. We deliver food at your doorstep without any delay. As we know, how hard it is to fight your hunger. You need not go anywhere, just visit our website and place an order.

Online food delivery in Patel Nagar

We have our delivery services available for entire Patel Nagar. You can place an order online from anywhere in Patel Nagar and we will be more than happy to serve you. We also cater food for families, parties, get-togethers, etc. So, if you are a working woman and are tired after a hectic day at work, then just place an order online for your entire family and be rest assured.

Apart from Patel Nagar we cover most of the prominent places in Delhi and deliver food. We never compromise on quality and taste of the food. You will always get fresh food just like the one made in your home.